Wednesday, October 17

ay ay captain!

I So yeah, I'm waiting at the LCCT with 4 other crew members. I'm going on board soon, so soon. Not sure whether it is today or tomorrow. Waiting for the plane to fly to Kota Kinabalu, will sign on there. Here I'm with my first captain Bima, Pumpman, Engine cadet Headiel, and AB epul. well, everything was smooth, up to now. can't wait!

Wednesday, October 3

into the sea

Hola, creatures.

Just received a call this morning from Global Carrier Berhad, it was supposed to be on the day before but I off my phone after working hours, so the good news only received today. 
They accepted me as their Shipboard Practical Cadet. Hoyeah for that. Alhamdulillah, at last. 
Maybe this is an advanced birthday present. Luckily I only have to sign-on on 15th, not before my birthday. But it's sad knowing that I can't celebrate Raya Haji at home this year. Well, future is more important right.I need to complete my 12 months seatime, that's what I'm going to do. Please wish me luck.

                                           Hello future!


Monday, October 1


October !
i'm glad you came,
been waiting for you

you don't need to be good to me;
i'll be good to myself 


oh yeah, birthday is coming too.
i'm gonna put a wishlist.