Monday, April 16


I act differently around different people.
 Mind you, I’m not fake. I just have my own comfort zone.
That’s why I only can completely be myself when 
I’m with people I’m comfortable with.

I'm just being ME, and I don't see anything wrong with that.

Saturday, April 7


sometimes the person you hate the most at first, can turn out to be your good friend - never judge before knowing them

You know, I have this one guy who I hated for like a very long time, and that was before I get to know him.It was since the first time I met him and the hatred gained each times. He's such the most annoying guy I've ever seen, and everybody was like supporting me. He was such a cavalier.

Awkwardly, he is now my GOOD friend, like a very good one. I don't know since when, but he turned out to be so nice with me. At first it was such a bizarre. I thought he has the ulterior motives. Everybody was like thinking that we are flirting, but hey, no way I'm flirting with a guy like him. I'm just being nice to someone who is extra nice to me. Anyway, I am not dating him, and will never, trust me. He's like a good friend of mine. 

Anyhow, thanks M.