Thursday, June 23


I was infected by this disease, badly and I'm sick of it.
How about you?

Monday, June 20

Selamat Hari Abah

Doa untuk Ayah
Aku berdoa untuk seorang lelaki yang telah menjadi bagian hidupku
Seorang lelaki yang telah mengajarkanku bagaimana mencintaiMu
Seorang lelaki yang hadir dalam setiap doa setelah shalatku
Seorang lelaki yang meletakkan namaku dalam lantunan doanya untukMu
Seorang lelaki yang hidup bukan hanya untuk dirinya sendiri, tetapi juga untuku, Ibu, adik-kakakku, dan untukMu
Seorang lelaki yang selalu menasehatiku untuk membakar kelemahan dan kekuranganku
Seorang lelaki yang membutuhkan senyumku untuk mengatasi sedihnya
Seorang lelaki yang membutuhkan dukunganku sebagai peneguhnya
Seorang lelaki yang menjadi pemimpinku di saat aku kehilangan arah
Seorang lelaki yang membutuhkan doaku untuk kehidupannya
Seorang lelaki yang selalu mengingatkanku akan mimpi besarku
Seorang lelaki yang menjadi pahlawan dalam keluargaku
Seorang lelaki yang ku ingin untuk mendampingiku menuju JannahMu
Dan aku berdoa untuknya
Berikanlah kekuatan kepadanya untuk melewati cobaanMu, agar ia mampu bangkit tiap kali badai menerpa
Berikanlah ia kehidupan yang mulia, sehingga ia dapat memuliakanMu
Berikanlah ia hati yang senantiasa ikhlas dan kuat menerima amanah-amanahMu
Berikanlah ia dada yang lapang, sehingga ia dapat sabar dalam mendidik anak titipan dari Mu
Berikanlah ia umur yang berkah, sehinga tiap detik waktunya tak sia-sia di mata Mu

Source: SandiBayuPerwira

ni ABAH dengan Rayyan, cucu saudaranya

Abah, terima kasih atas segala-galanya, jasa dan pengorbanan abah yang tak terkira. Abah dah banyak bersusah-payah untuk adik. Apa-apa yang adik mintak, semua adik dapat tak kisah la cepat atau lambat
Hari tu adik nak beli gitar guna duit sendiri. Lepas tu, abah sengaja hadiahkan gitar tu atas alasan adik pass interview masuk ALAM. Terima kasih, abah. Adik minta maaf sebab selalu lawan cakap abah. Adik tau adik ni anak yang kedua yang paling degil dalam keluarga (lepas abang la) tapi abah cool ja, mantain. Kadang-kadang adik rasa adik ni terlalu dimanjakan. Apa yang adik mintak, abah cepat2 tunaikan. Abah susah nak marah. Tak kisah la apa2 pun, adik nak cakap:
 I love you, abah!
 Selamat Hari Bapa

Monday, June 13


It has been quite awhile since I last talk about my heart with the exemption about loving family. I'm talking about loving the 3rd person in my life after family and friends. After all,,,

Maybe I made him waited too long, I suppose. But I'm okay with that.
 I wasn't hurt, NOT AT ALL.
 Well you know, people get bored waiting too long for something which is not confirmed. In fact I've rejected him each time he talks about it. So... lets say this is what I deserved. And I guess I'm gonna stop my feeling before  it gets any further. 
There is no good to think about LOVE when we don't even know what it means actually, yet. 
Anyway I am thankful to God that as far as I am now, 
love doesn't affect me as much as music does
I am pretty proud with myself for that.

Saturday, June 11

something for somebody

If you feel like I'm behaving more or less like a jerk, it is you who irk me up. I am tired of giving clues of what I feel about you. 
I am sorry and I really mean it. 

Friday, June 10

Aiman Azlan

This man is awesome and hilarious too! Well, at least he doesn't talk nonsense like most of the other Youtubers do. 

Wednesday, June 8

blithesome hols

Went back home last Thursday. Arrived at home at 6.00 AM, after an 8-hour long journey by bus from Melaka Central. It was tiring but contented and worthwhile. I even made a few new friends who took the same bus :)

After Subuh prayer and a fresh bath, I went to Spg. Kuala market with my parents. Bought a lot of kuih as I haven't eaten them for like ages! and of course Roti Canai too. My parents fed me so much with all my favourite food during the hols. I believed I have gained weight since I ate too much. My little brother Nabil started to join the swimming class on that day. How lucky he is.

After 2 days at home, my father brought us for a short vacation as I have to report on Monday actually, but I skipped a whole day class because I want to spend extra time with family. We went to Port Dickson and had a wonderful time there. Love the moment we were swimming in the beach. Still, I was disappointed by the dirtiness of the beach. -_-" After all, thanks mom, dad, and not to forget my siblings :)

Najwa, Nabila & Nabil
the person I miss the most
meet Rayyan, my nephew


Top 10 LIES of GUYS:
1. I promise I won't leave you
2. You are the only one I am texting
3. I am with my "friends"
4. You are the only one
5. She is only my "friend"
6. I lost my phone
7. Sorry, I am busy
8. I won't change you with another girl
9. I miss you
10. I love you

Number 1 LIE of GIRLS:
Don't worry, I believe you!

Wednesday, June 1


Life isn't something that can be predicted. No one knows what road they will take. Everyone has a choice and even though the choices can make you hurt, cry, and even laugh, they need to be made. To enhance the life already set in motion. Once the choices are made, they can't be changed. Whether they are for the better or the worse, the life you create is the life you are ready for and the life you want. Chase after the choices that will make your life happier, the ones that make you smile and laugh, and most of all the ones who make you who you are.