Friday, May 20

i miss them, a lot

i miss them like a thousand, million, billion - countless. i want to go back home and meet them a.s.a.p but i can't, sadly. it has been almost 2 months since i last meet and talk to them. i even cried when i was talking to my lilttle brother, nabil. it's all i can do. cry. i can't stand it anymore but, i have to :( so i keep myself busy with activities. i joined dragon boat to avoid from thinking too much about families but still, i hurted myself. i cried in front of the other team members because i can't stand it. i didn't cry because i was hurt by what sir had said to me, in fact i wasn't hurt by that, not even a tiny part of my heart. i cried because i miss my family too much. i miss them, A LOT