Saturday, December 31


2011, I had my peaks and valleys, my ups and downs. Some people came into my life and some people left. I experienced a lot of first times, and a few of the last times. I've been a devil and quite an angel at the same time XP I have battled with my emotions, and I have been numbed. I shed tears, and I shared a lot of smile. I've been to places, and I still have plans. All in all, it was fun. I was not good to myself. that's the only thing I regret. I wish the new year comes with a lot of joys and more opportunities for me not to being selfless again. 


please be great, Nabila :)

Monday, October 24

three cheers for five years

currently addicted to this song
it really bothers me, and comes at the right time too
first version I watched S playing piano while singing this song. 
Damn lovely <3

I swear that you don't have to go
I thought we could wait for the fireworks
I thought we could wait for the snow
To wash over Georgia and kill the hurt
I thought I could live in your arms
And spend every moment I had with you
Stay up all night with the stars
Confess all the faith that I had in you (I had in you)

Too late, I'm sure and lonely
Another night, another dream wasted on you
Just be here now against me
You know the words, so sing along for me, baby

For heaven's sake I know you're sorry
But you won't stop crying
This anniversary may never be the same
Inside I hope you know I'm dying
With my heart beside me
In shattered pieces that may never be replaced
And if I died right now you'd never be the same

I thought with a month of apart
Together would find us an opening
And moonlight would provide the spark
And that I would stumble across the key
Or break down the door to your heart
Forever could see us - not you and me
And you'd help me out of the dark
And I'd give my heart as an offering

Too late, I'm sure and lonely
Another night, another dream wasted on you
Just be here now against me
You know the words, so sing along for me, baby

For heaven's sake I know you're sorry
But you won't stop crying
This anniversary may never be the same
Inside I hope you know I'm dying
With my heart beside me
In shattered pieces that may never be replaced
And if I died right now you'd never be the same

And I will always remember you as you are right now to me
And I will always remember you now, remember you now

Sleep alone tonight with no one here just by your side
Sleep alone tonight

How does he feel, how does he kiss?
How does he taste while he's on your lips?
How does he feel, how does he kiss?
How does he taste while he's on your lips?
How does he feel, how does he kiss?
How does he taste while he's on your lips?
How does he feel, how does he kiss?

I can't forget you
I know you want me to want you
I want to
But I can't forget you
So when this is over don't blow your composure, baby
I can't forget you
I know you want me to want you I want to
But I can't forget you
So when this is over don't blow your composure, baby
I can't forget you
I know you want me to want you, I want too 

I dedicate this song for my beloved friend, you know who you are.

Monday, October 17

age is just a number

hello people. I am now eighteen years old, officially, no doubt. eighteen's birthday wasn't really enjoyable. plus i didn't celebrate it though. my friends forgot about it but no offense, everyone was busy. yeah, busy as hell. this year, I've gotten the best present ever. My boyfie, which is now my ex was the first person that wished my birthday but yet, he made me upset. After an hour, we broke up, again, and gratefully it was the last time. I haven't contacted him since then. Second is my future best friend, i guess, Aliff Abdullah. Thankyousomuch Aliff for remembering me. Wish to meet you too. Third is my sister, thanks a lot. Love ya. And the person that never forgets me, my besties, NurLiyana a.k.a Kak Long. Thanks honey. Really miss you btw  >,<  Then, the next morning, my parents called to wish my birthday, my little brother Nabil, followed by friends.. and so on..

Enough about birthdays, lets not talk about being old. Cadets started wearing their new white uniform since last week. I want to upload the photos but grieve, I can't cause the Puncak Langit wifi isn't working nicely. Bloody. And duh, my baby broadband is still with my sister. That explains why I rarely online and update my blog recently. I miss the INTERNET bytheway.

Lets finish this here cause I have tonnes of works to do. Got LA tomorrow (Lecturer's Assessment). Daa!

Tuesday, October 4

selfless creature

hello creatures. it has been awhile since I last updated my blog. lots had happen. frankly say, I was happier before. I didn't show it by that time. only now, lately, I've been thinking about how lucky I was to have them by my side and be my friends. I miss them, really. I wanted to cry but I can't cuz I've promised no to cry again, since the day he left. I've jeopardized my own self-satisfaction for my friends recently. you see, how selfless I am by now. they see I'm happy, each day, each time, each second, but they don't know what's inside. they'll never figure it out anyway. I'm living half alive and I'll continue it that way until I find my moment. anyway, that's the greatest immolation I can do for them by now. I'm not sure how's everything going to be tomorrow and the days after. maybe for most people around here, it's great. but if i have to be very selfless of me again, I'm not happy with it and only God knows what's going to be on me. I would not change, I would evolve for the sake of my own satisfaction. that's it for now. wish me luck on the becoming days. and by the way I'll turn 18 soon. though I'm supposed to be happy, genuinely I'm not.

Thursday, September 22


awak tak faham

Friday, August 19


it costed me a long time to heal my grief
up to now i still remember him in every single thing i do
the place we'd been together, the last moment we shared together,
and everything that have us in it
 i am okay
but i can't keep myself from thinking about him

ps: gerizon means healing or recuperation 

Wednesday, August 17


I hate you, all of you.

Saturday, August 13


it may take some time, till then, I'm not okay.

Friday, August 12

Hello Sunshine

A morning wish from him has made my day :) 
For a moment just now, I felt like my feet weren't on the ground.

Though it was the last morning wish, it'll be just enough to light up my next mornings
It will be hard for me to say GoodBye
cause I adore him so much.

Thursday, August 11

why is a ship called she?

I've been wondering why for quite sometime, only then I remember to Google the answer.

Monday, August 8


And I've been ill for weeks, from the first day of fasting. 
I've met doctor last week and got like 7 types of medicine. 
Some of my medicine are almost finish, yet I'm still not fully-recovered. 
I was shocked to find out that I actually was suffering gastric pain instead of stomach cramps.
 Praise to God, after taking antibiotics and vapid liquid medicine,
 now I don't suffer that pain anymore.
 Life's here in ALAM is pretty bland but at least better than the induction week. 
Maybe because I don't mix up with all like before. 
Life is interesting when we want it to be, but right now, I don't want to.
I'll stay as who I am.

Sunday, August 7

how can they be malaysian?

‎Follow this steps then you'll know what I mean :-

1. Go to Google Translate
2. Select translate from English to Malay
3. Type this following:

Do not snatch philippines money
the people of bangladesh are angry
pakistani people hate national row

Weird huh? Does it mean that they are now included as Malaysian? Oh nO!

Monday, August 1

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan datang lagi. Bulan pengampunan dan bulan menyucikan diri. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa keberkatan dan lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Tahun ni lain sikit sebab 1st Ramadhan tak bersama dengan keluarga. Malam semalam & malam ni pun tak pergi tarawih sebab tak tahu boleh pergi masjid luar tuu. Ruginya.. Ni lah first time berpuasa di ALAM. Suasananya biasa, tak semeriah kat rumah (of course la kan). Sahur pagi tadi makan kurma dan minum air ribena ja sebab malas nak turun. 

Hari ni asyik 
takla sampai sepanjang hari tapi lama la jugak.

Insya-Allah tahun ni takda macam ni kot

Apa2 pun Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa!
Ahlan waSahlan Ya Ramadhan

Thursday, June 23


I was infected by this disease, badly and I'm sick of it.
How about you?

Monday, June 20

Selamat Hari Abah

Doa untuk Ayah
Aku berdoa untuk seorang lelaki yang telah menjadi bagian hidupku
Seorang lelaki yang telah mengajarkanku bagaimana mencintaiMu
Seorang lelaki yang hadir dalam setiap doa setelah shalatku
Seorang lelaki yang meletakkan namaku dalam lantunan doanya untukMu
Seorang lelaki yang hidup bukan hanya untuk dirinya sendiri, tetapi juga untuku, Ibu, adik-kakakku, dan untukMu
Seorang lelaki yang selalu menasehatiku untuk membakar kelemahan dan kekuranganku
Seorang lelaki yang membutuhkan senyumku untuk mengatasi sedihnya
Seorang lelaki yang membutuhkan dukunganku sebagai peneguhnya
Seorang lelaki yang menjadi pemimpinku di saat aku kehilangan arah
Seorang lelaki yang membutuhkan doaku untuk kehidupannya
Seorang lelaki yang selalu mengingatkanku akan mimpi besarku
Seorang lelaki yang menjadi pahlawan dalam keluargaku
Seorang lelaki yang ku ingin untuk mendampingiku menuju JannahMu
Dan aku berdoa untuknya
Berikanlah kekuatan kepadanya untuk melewati cobaanMu, agar ia mampu bangkit tiap kali badai menerpa
Berikanlah ia kehidupan yang mulia, sehingga ia dapat memuliakanMu
Berikanlah ia hati yang senantiasa ikhlas dan kuat menerima amanah-amanahMu
Berikanlah ia dada yang lapang, sehingga ia dapat sabar dalam mendidik anak titipan dari Mu
Berikanlah ia umur yang berkah, sehinga tiap detik waktunya tak sia-sia di mata Mu

Source: SandiBayuPerwira

ni ABAH dengan Rayyan, cucu saudaranya

Abah, terima kasih atas segala-galanya, jasa dan pengorbanan abah yang tak terkira. Abah dah banyak bersusah-payah untuk adik. Apa-apa yang adik mintak, semua adik dapat tak kisah la cepat atau lambat
Hari tu adik nak beli gitar guna duit sendiri. Lepas tu, abah sengaja hadiahkan gitar tu atas alasan adik pass interview masuk ALAM. Terima kasih, abah. Adik minta maaf sebab selalu lawan cakap abah. Adik tau adik ni anak yang kedua yang paling degil dalam keluarga (lepas abang la) tapi abah cool ja, mantain. Kadang-kadang adik rasa adik ni terlalu dimanjakan. Apa yang adik mintak, abah cepat2 tunaikan. Abah susah nak marah. Tak kisah la apa2 pun, adik nak cakap:
 I love you, abah!
 Selamat Hari Bapa

Monday, June 13


It has been quite awhile since I last talk about my heart with the exemption about loving family. I'm talking about loving the 3rd person in my life after family and friends. After all,,,

Maybe I made him waited too long, I suppose. But I'm okay with that.
 I wasn't hurt, NOT AT ALL.
 Well you know, people get bored waiting too long for something which is not confirmed. In fact I've rejected him each time he talks about it. So... lets say this is what I deserved. And I guess I'm gonna stop my feeling before  it gets any further. 
There is no good to think about LOVE when we don't even know what it means actually, yet. 
Anyway I am thankful to God that as far as I am now, 
love doesn't affect me as much as music does
I am pretty proud with myself for that.

Saturday, June 11

something for somebody

If you feel like I'm behaving more or less like a jerk, it is you who irk me up. I am tired of giving clues of what I feel about you. 
I am sorry and I really mean it. 

Friday, June 10

Aiman Azlan

This man is awesome and hilarious too! Well, at least he doesn't talk nonsense like most of the other Youtubers do. 

Wednesday, June 8

blithesome hols

Went back home last Thursday. Arrived at home at 6.00 AM, after an 8-hour long journey by bus from Melaka Central. It was tiring but contented and worthwhile. I even made a few new friends who took the same bus :)

After Subuh prayer and a fresh bath, I went to Spg. Kuala market with my parents. Bought a lot of kuih as I haven't eaten them for like ages! and of course Roti Canai too. My parents fed me so much with all my favourite food during the hols. I believed I have gained weight since I ate too much. My little brother Nabil started to join the swimming class on that day. How lucky he is.

After 2 days at home, my father brought us for a short vacation as I have to report on Monday actually, but I skipped a whole day class because I want to spend extra time with family. We went to Port Dickson and had a wonderful time there. Love the moment we were swimming in the beach. Still, I was disappointed by the dirtiness of the beach. -_-" After all, thanks mom, dad, and not to forget my siblings :)

Najwa, Nabila & Nabil
the person I miss the most
meet Rayyan, my nephew


Top 10 LIES of GUYS:
1. I promise I won't leave you
2. You are the only one I am texting
3. I am with my "friends"
4. You are the only one
5. She is only my "friend"
6. I lost my phone
7. Sorry, I am busy
8. I won't change you with another girl
9. I miss you
10. I love you

Number 1 LIE of GIRLS:
Don't worry, I believe you!

Wednesday, June 1


Life isn't something that can be predicted. No one knows what road they will take. Everyone has a choice and even though the choices can make you hurt, cry, and even laugh, they need to be made. To enhance the life already set in motion. Once the choices are made, they can't be changed. Whether they are for the better or the worse, the life you create is the life you are ready for and the life you want. Chase after the choices that will make your life happier, the ones that make you smile and laugh, and most of all the ones who make you who you are.

Friday, May 20

i miss them, a lot

i miss them like a thousand, million, billion - countless. i want to go back home and meet them a.s.a.p but i can't, sadly. it has been almost 2 months since i last meet and talk to them. i even cried when i was talking to my lilttle brother, nabil. it's all i can do. cry. i can't stand it anymore but, i have to :( so i keep myself busy with activities. i joined dragon boat to avoid from thinking too much about families but still, i hurted myself. i cried in front of the other team members because i can't stand it. i didn't cry because i was hurt by what sir had said to me, in fact i wasn't hurt by that, not even a tiny part of my heart. i cried because i miss my family too much. i miss them, A LOT

Wednesday, April 27

Like Crazy

This is it, and I don't lie.

Tuesday, April 26

MARA sponsor

I've been studying about 2 months in ALAM or Akademi Laut Malaysia. Glad to be here, I guess and hope so. Life's here is quite okay, just like staying in MRSM so I can bear with it. On my first day here, I was the only girl,others are like 14 boys in my class but fortunately they treated me just like others. But sometimes I do feel goaded by their behaviours. The three English lecturer treat me well especially Mdm Siti. I stayed with the girls of DNS13, they have been very nice to me. After a week, Anis came. She is now my classmate and roommate. Here are some photos I've got since I entered here, not some just TWO photos.

Shah Mustaqiman, Ihya and me

Anis a.k.a kechik
Oh yeah, by the way, MARA sponsors me.

Thursday, March 24

another statistics

I dont want to be another statistic
Some suicidal teen
Who makes choice to kill herself
When the world just seems too mean.
She cant go on with life
Or so to her it seems
Reality has fallen short

I dont want to be another statistic
Some pregnant little girl
Who met this great guy
And then gave sex a whirl
She was only 15
But it felt so right
She thought they'd be together
For more than just a night

I dont want to be another statistic
Some kid strung out on crack
Who started at a party
and now she cant turn back
First cigarettes and alcohol
Now meth crack and cocaine
She's been smoking it so long
That now he's gone insane

I dont want to be another statistic
Some girl left in the rain
Who was walking home from school
Then raped and left in pain
She cant tell her parents
And it hurts to tell her friends
She doenst know what shall do
To make this nightmare end

I dont want to be another statistic
Some kid out of school
Who dropped out early
And was acting like a fool
He thought that it was boring
He thought that it was dumb
He doesnt have an education
But lives on the streets like a bum

I dont want to be another statistic
Some sterotypical teen
I'm gonna make a difference
I'll finish with my dream
I wont end up pregnant
On drugs or even dead
I wont drop out of school
Because i'll use my head

I dont want to be another statistic
To fit into some mold
Of what society thinks of kids today
Because its getting kind of old
Not all of us are bad
In fact most of us are good
When will the world see us
And give us credit like they should?

too much too

too much to story about but i am TOO lazy

Monday, February 28

here he goes

fell in love with someone you don't actually know can turn out to be like this
so, i suggest you don't

Saturday, February 19


Hello. Since I've started work 2 days ago, seems that I have no time to update my blog so often. The work is quite exhausting and borriiingggg. Besides, the pay is not so good. But I have to work, to train myself not to be a slacker and to discipline myself a little bit. Still, I don't follow the rules at my new workplace >,< ex : I don't tuck my white long-sleeved shirt in, I chew candies and chewing gums, I sit whenever my department's supervisor not around, and I don't do my job much (not I don't want to, but they didn't teach me how to do it) and lots more :p Well, I guess that's all. I have Noon shift today. Buh-bye. Have a nice day (:

Need You Now by Lady Antebellum

Picture perfect memories, scattered all around the floor

Reaching for the phone 'cause I can't fight it anymore
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now

Another shot of whiskey, can't stop looking at the door
Wishing you'd come sweeping in the way you did before
And I wonder if I ever cross your mind
For me it happens all the time

It's a quarter after one, I'm a little drunk and I need you now
Said I wouldn't call but I've lost all control and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now

Woah, woah
Guess I'd rather hurt than feel nothing at all

It's a quarter after one, I'm all alone and I need you now
And I said I wouldn't call but I'm a little drunk and I need you now
And I don't know how I can do without
I just need you now, I just need you now

Oh baby, I need you now

Tuesday, February 15



A sound-like-beautiful name isn't it?Valentine was the name of a priest who served during the third century in Rome.
Well, I certainly don't celebrate Valentine's Day and never ever. First is because I am a muslim and muslims don't celebrate Valentine. Secondly, I don't have any boyfriend. In other words, I am a single girl, which means I don't have any partner to share the 'day' with. Even if I have one, I still won't celebrate the hypocritical day. Remember, the very first reason is still solid. 

I was pretty lucky today. I went out to hang out with a friend -just in case I meet him on the way- and to go somewhere to look for job vacancies. He didn't show up so I strolled around the mall by myself. My search came to an end when I got through the walk-in-interview. They accepted me and I'm going to start my job this becoming Thursday. Hope it will be great. I don't really need the money. I want the experience. 

you can't take my heart

I don't give my heart to damn people. No one can take care of it better than I do 

Monday, February 14


Maybe I'm a bit too harsh. I just can't stand it. You guys keep talking about it again and again. I just don't know how to tell you. So I did, a bit harsh. Err, I admit, it was really abrasive. I'm sorry I didn't mean to. I get bored hearing you nagging, you mean advice. Again, for every time I was disrespectful towards you both, this is a BIG whole-souled SORRY from me.

Sunday, February 13

its the BIG field

Since few weeks ago my dad has to commute all the way to Felda Rimba Mas, situated at Padang Besar. Today the whole family went there. After a visit to the mosque, we dropped by at Mak Lang Jat's house and then traveled to the Padang Besar the place where we can buy most thing at its almost cheapest price.

view from the top floor

there's a lot blouses with fetching designs here
My eyes caught a lovely turquoise checkered apparel. It is lovely, gorgeous, and what is more, is it is my style. Unfortunately my mom and sis weren't agree if I tend to buy that cloth, so I didn't. -_-" But if I see it one more time, I will definitely cash out my money for it.

my mom was picking up clothes at her favourite shop
She ended up buying 5 aladin pants, not included 5 more she'd bought last week. By all odds, not all of them are hers. And 3 blouses but she gave one to my sister.

the very cute little gowns for the 'littles'
Mak Lang Ida eventually spent to buy 5 or 6 of these clothes for her little eldest granchild, Damia Batrisyia.

my favourite stall
After the tedious walk around the mall without buying any single thing, me only >,< we had a splendid lunchtime at a small eatery there.

Tomyam Putih
Just look at the yummy prawns in the bowl. It is veryy delicious but be careful, it's hot too! I mean, HOT. 

ABC - Air Batu Campur
To cool down our tongue after the spicy Tomyam, we should have this ABC as drinks.

My not very little but cheeky brother, Nabil was enjoying his ABC
Me wearing my brother's so called hat. I told you, I didn't buy anything. Gugu >,<

Me, again. This is one of my MukaMintakPenyepak's faces

Friday, February 11

rebel has no good on you

on your rebellious day, you feel like rebelling at your highest point
you realized you just woke up from a less-than-4-hour sleep reluctantly
you were awakened by somebody even you refused to at first
feel like your head was smacked by the hardest stone
one shouted at you when you're in the bath room having morning wash ups
you were told to get ready for an occasion you weren't ready for
the others don't have to do what you ought to do
thinking that wasn't fair enough for you and everyone
started shouting at them loudly, disenthral dissatisfaction
you have no idea the truth the want for you,
the best they want for you, only the best
they left you all by yourself, resentfully
and you started to think what you did, regretted for your sayings
cried alone, sobbing and yes your mascara runs
but you can't bring them back cause you hurt them, badly, deeply
will they come back for you?
you broke their hearts into pieces, certainly scars will be there, forever
your tears can't glue their shattered hearts neither bring back their expectancy on you
and all I wish that it had never happened
and all I wanna say is "I'm sorry"

and who do I think I am?
Fool. Shame on you

Tuesday, February 8

grown up

Lollipops turn into cigarettes. The innocent ones turn into sluts. 
Homework goes in the trash. Mobile phones are being used in class. 
Detention becomes suspension. Soda becomes vodka. 
Bikes become cars. Kisses turn into sex. 
Remember when getting high meant swinging on the playground?
 When protection meant wearing a helmet?
 When the worst things you could get from boys were cooties? 
Dad’s shoulders were the highest place on earth and mum was your hero? 
Your worst enemies were your siblings. Race issues were about who ran the fastest.
 War was only a card game. And the only drug you knew was cough medicine. 
When wearing a skirt didn’t make you a slut. 
The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, 
and goodbyes only meant until tomorrow? 

we couldn’t wait to grow up

Thursday, February 3


Hari ni boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai hari yang kurang bernasib baik. Bukan hari yang tak bernasib baik, tuan empunya blog ni yang agak malang, hari ni jela [harap-harap]

Pagi semacam biasa, woke up tak berapa nak awal. Mandi. Makan nasi lemak sebungkus yang banyak gila tapi tak habis sebab telur rebus dia berbau. Basuh pinggan. Clear dapur. Habis semua tu, online. Main game Urban Warfare dekat Facebook. Best wa cakap lu! sekarang pun tengah main sambil-sambil menaip kat sini. Tapi baru main 2 hari, dah Level 12 kot. Hebat en? Muahaha.

Okay okay sambung cerita pasal hari ni.Tengah usha game tu, mak ajak pi kenduri lorong 1,sebelah jela sebab aku duduk kat lorong 2. Pilih baju kurung putih tapi takda tudung sepadan. So pilih la baju kurung pahang yang lama jugak tak pakai. Siap, sambung main game. Then semua ready. Keluar rumah, alamak sandal takdak. Mak dah sound dah "hang ni dah tabiat dah, tadi takmau caqi siap2, elok orang keluaq baru nak kalut". Tiap-tiap kali camni tapi tak penah serik. Terpaksa la pakai wedges raya tahun 2009 hari tu. Naik scooter Ceria, kain sempit. Tension aku camni!

Waktu balik tu, naik duduk sebelah ala-ala macam dalam gambaq ni sebab susah nak duduk, kain sempit -,- Sesampai depan rumah abang suruh turun. Aku pun terjun la konon-konon nak tiru Lara Croft dalam filem aksi tuh. Motor pun jalan ah. OMG, kain tersangkut kat motor. Streeeet, aku jatuh kat situ macam nangka tak berapa nak busuk. Habis terseret kaki aku. Kain berlubang. Tali kasut putus. Haih lawak betul.

At first rasa sengal kat buku lali. Urut sikit letak minyak. Jalan dah macam si capik kat tv1 tu. Ada hati lagi ikut Chaq pi shopping tudung kat Jalan Pegawai. Macam ayam betul kedai tu. Buat promosi tapi bukak kedai sat ja. Takut orang beli banyak la tu. Balik. makan kenduri Chu buat sempena besday kembaq last week, 26 Jan. Petang tadi abah urut sikit kasi baik balik. Berjurai-jurai ayaq mata turun. wahaha

Sampai malam, nak jalan dah tak boleh. berjengket-jengket macam main Teng Teng. Bengkak kat buku lali dah sebesar bola ping pong. Abah call Pak Lang Zain cakap nak bawak aku pi sana. Kalau nak tau, Pak Zain pakar dalam bidang urat saraf dan tulang dan benda sewaktu dengannya. Sesampai rumah dia, tunjuk la tempat yang sakit. Dia suruh lunjur kaki. Krakkk! Dia tarik kaki aku. Allright done. Sendi  dah masuk balik. Aik, macam tu ja? Fuhh, terasa tulang kaki bergerak. Bengkak tak surut lagi, so beli la ubat yang dia jual. Sapu kat kaki. Harap-harap esok dah boleh jalan macam biasa.

Ada hikmah di sebalik setiap kejadian
Ini mungkin balasan sebab behaviour aku beberapa hari ni tak baik sangat. Padan muka aku kan  -,-

Sunday, January 30

superb hectic but triumphal day

After about 5 days, I finally got the mood to write about the ALAM Interview I attended on 25th of January 2011. 
I'll write it simple but scrupulously. Here it goes :

4.30 a.m  : Reached Jalan Duta bus station
5.30 a.m  : Had the most outset breakfast I've ever had
6.10 a.m  : Morning wash up and Subuh prayer at Masjid around there
7.00 a.m  : Hang out in front of PWTC
7.30 a.m  : Reached Hotel Seri Pacific 
8.00 a.m  : Registration 
                 Height and weight were taken to verify BMI = 20.5
                 Color blind test
9.00 a.m  : Briefing on the Maritime career and sponsorship opportunities
10.30 a.m: Written entrance test (English, Mathematics and Physics) 
                 the test was arduous
12.30p.m: Had lunch at Kenny Rogers with Elynn, her brother and cousin
1.30 p.m : Announcement of Written Entrance Test results 
                 my name was the last name that has been called
2.30 p.m : Went up to the waiting room
3.30 p.m : Psychometric Test 
4.00 p.m : Interview Assessment 
                 interviewed by Captain Manuel and another gentleman from MISC
5.15 p.m : RESULT was given by Dato' Anuar
6.00 p.m : Evening walk around The Mall
7.00 p.m : Arrived Damansara, played with Damia Batrisyia, bathe
8.30 p.m : Strolled around One Utama
10.00p.m: Dined at the Banana Leaves Restaurant
11.45p.m: Took the bus straight to Alor Star

Oh, about the result, I got a letter of Conditional Offer for the Cadetship Program at 
Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM)

Alhamdulillah, after all the laborious effort and much money spent, they accepted me for the 
above program on conditional basis subject to my actual SPM result meeting the program
entry requirement.
All I have to do now is wait for 14th of March 2011, the future determination date. 

Congrats to them too!
Elynn, Syafiqah, Syazwan Arif, Syikin, Afifah and others.
I guess Aliff also had made it through, well I hope so 

Dream of a Better Future

Monday, January 24

unpredictable future

My ALAM interview is tomorrow. I'm not completely prepared. Feeling like there's more than only a butterfly in my stomach, but mannnyyy butterflies. Physically yes,I'm fully prepared, I've bought a new pair of pants and shirt though. But mentally hell no. Besides, I'm a pessimist. Maybe I should change that starting from to-mor-row. Lot of people keep telling me the same thing, again and again, "be confident". What the hell do you think I'm doing now instead of trying to build up confidence. And yes, I'm going to sleep, shivering, tonight. Not because of my nervousness LOL, hella I'm going to sleep in the air-conditioned bus.  Seriously I need a good sleep tonight. I am going to attend an ALL DAY LONG INTERVIEW. Afraid I'll keep yawning again and again tomorrow. That's what I'm worrying about. Anddd I really hope I'll pass the written  tests I'm going to sit. Please pray for me. I really need to be A REAL LUCKY GIRL for this interview. Please pray for me too >,<

"My mind rebels at stagnation. Give me problems, give me work, give me the most abstruse cryptogram or the most intricate analysis, and I am in my own proper atmosphere"-Amir Zain

Saturday, January 22

how to live a life

1st: Make peace with your past so that it doesn't screw up the present.

2nd: What other people think of you is none of your business.

3rd: Time heals almost everything. Give it time.

4th: The person responsible for your happiness is you yourself.

5th: Don't compare your life with others and don't judge them. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

6th: Stop thinking too much, its good not to know all the answers.

feel free to add your own how to live a life


Thursday, January 20

strawberry ice cream [home made]

1/2 cup of coffee mate
1/4 cup refined sugar
200 ml fresh milk
1/2 cheese cake
4 strawberry
1 spoon of strawberry paste

1. Blend all of the ingredients.
2. Pour the mixture into a container.
3. Keep it in the freezer at leat for 8 hours.

Now, It's ready to be served!

#you may sprinkle hundreds and thousands or maybe chocolate chip on you ice cream

very easy,isn't it?and it worth, the feeling of tasting your very own
yummy strawberry ice cream!

Sunday, January 16

I am sure

I'm sure you'd miss..
I'm sure you'd miss to hang out with me
I'm sure you'd miss the moment we sat in class waiting for McD's delivery
I'm sure you'd miss the moment we sat together on weekend nights talking about crap thingy
I'm sure you'd miss the discussion we made about Illuminati
I'm sure you'd miss the sound I'd made when you were mocking at me
I'm sure you'd miss the faces I'd create when you look at me
I'm sure you'd miss me calling anyone of you as Cutey
I'm sure you'd miss the sound the whole class would made when they hear me
I'm sure you'd miss calling me Armpit when you know it's the way to fight me
I'm sure you'd miss the face I'd pull after you call me
I'm sure you'd miss to persuade me when I sulked over that thingy
I'm sure you'd miss my laugh when you tell me stupid jokes
I'm sure you'd miss me
I'm sure I'd miss you. Yes, I am missing you.
I'm sure of all these because I'm NOT sure whether we can meet up again after this


Friday, January 14

Lee Bom

tak semena-mena
 hidup rasa tak bermakna
sekarang macam mana?
apa yang tak kena?