Sunday, August 8

ladies night!

the theme is fairy tales 
colour theme : white and pink

Friday, August 6


sungguh tak disangka
tadi penutupan activity week
girls of class 511 dapat hamper
sebab kitorang menang futsal 4 kali berturut2
best gilarr
aku main as defender saja kot
tapi terbukti yang kami tak kurang hebatnya dari boys kan
oh yeah 

Wednesday, August 4

taman tasik taiping


HOXCO buat activity kat taman tasik taiping
actually tu activity homeroom tapi sebab semangat assabiah kitorang yang agak kuat,
it became a class activity
kitorang duduk dalam bulatan besar 
had our sandwiches and air oren yang dah tak sejuk
then, bosan sangat
the boys started to play cards
girls pulak taktahu nak buat apa
so kitorang main ice-water
seriously best!
lari macam kena kejar anjing gila pun ada =p
then kena balik dah
otw balik tu, kitorang nampak every class tengah main TUJU KASUT
erkk, tiru ke weh?
sampai je maktab, ramai2 duduk bersembang kat foyer
masingmasing kurang puas hati dengan apa yang jadi
masa kami main, kena tegur
tapi bila orang lain tiru [siap lebihlebih dari kami]
takda pulak yang nak marah
haih, panas nih
bukan nak bangga la tapi
class 11 macam trend setter la pulak
no matter what
asalkan semua bahagia, biar jelah apa nak buat pun

gambar ni lepas penat main ice water

MOCK Interview

MOCK Interview dah lepas

fuhh~ lega gilagila lah

i didn't prepare pun actually

padan muka kau haha


firstly, masuk2 tu i saw sir syidi and teacher mazida kot kalau tak silap

then bagi resume and folder kat diorang

tcher cakap have a seat so duduk while cakap thanks

1st question is:


i was like WHATHAHELL?dah la tak prepare,

then kena pulak quest yang unexpected macam tu

i thought i have to introduce myself first

then i started to talk blablabla

they asked me about my ambition


hahh,mati lah aku. 

not that i didn't study but i forgot my points

almaklumlah nervous sangat kut

by the time for group interview

Alhamdulillah i managed to say something in my opinion

fazmir helped me a lot, thanks to him

sadly, no one was supporting me to get the scholarship

maybe because of my lack of confidence

so i have to back up myself

lastly, the interviewers comment about us

i have a good posture BUT

i didn't deliver my points very clearly

[seriously i takda point pun]

next time i have to be very careful and well-prepared

thanks to MRSM for giving me this opportunity to test myself

i really unsatisfied with my performance 
so i'll try my best to improve everything that shouldn't had happened just now

Tuesday, August 3

Activity Week!

i had so much fun since the first day of activity week
we had human-chess by PPSP. I didn't move even one step. Haha
my class was the first class that lose! 
then, the boys invited us,girls to join them in playing tuju kasut
never thought they would be so nice to us -_-"
we used hisyami's sandals to play so he had to play with his bare foot
we played and had so much fun!
as expected, the girls lose and the boys won [15-5]
then movie screening at Dewan Seri Larut by BWPs. The movie was Toy Story 3
i didn't watch it until the end cause my dad and mom came to maktab
the brought my needs and my certificates
at night, we had to watch Bahas [502 vs 515] 515 won!

it was a great time i spent with my classmates, they showed that they love us  =)

doughnuts and movies

I went outing with my BITARA's Friends to celebrate our success in making the BITARA mag.
we had lunch at Kenny Rogers Roaster
. A set of chicken whatever the name is was more than enough to fill up my tummy.
the meal is quite okay but not my favourite choice
nevertheless, i had precious last time with them.

finish eating, afiq and epul invited me and taeshow to watch movie with them.
at first, i didn't really want to go cause the earliest movie start at 4.30 pm 
so we must finish after 6.30, that is after the outing time ended
i told afiq if he willing to pay for my ticket then i'll go with them
surprisingly he agreed! so i have to follow them
besides, it has been awhile since the last time i watch movie
we watched the sorcerer's apprentice
the movie was very interesting! and full of magical and physics too!
after the movie, we went to nash bakery
i bought the two donuts -tiramisu and butter&choc-
then we rushed to the taxi place at tesco
finally we reached maktab at 6.50pm
i'm glad that we're passed from wardens