Wednesday, June 9

Friendship Night by PRS

It was an awesome, gorgeous, famous, fabulous night! I was very happy but a little exhausted. Everyone wear their best dress so do I. I wore my baju kurung pahang that my mom bought for me last hols. I went out to buy shoes and stuff for tonight but ended up buying a bag and blinglishious bracelet. For the first time, I put make-up on my face. I love everything except for the tiredness. I love my outfits and everyone love theirs. That's enough to make us feel glamorous. I took photograph with everyone except him. After the event, he disappeared and I had no idea where he was. 
 Thanks to Nabilfikri and PRS members for organising this wonderful event. Seriously, I felt  like I was in a celebrity event. The theme Hikayat 1001 is definitely great!