Saturday, November 21

happy holidays

holidays~ idk what to do on this hols . homeworks are tooo much to be done . whattheheck . before we end our last paper that is pjk . teachers made announcements to call all class president to take our holidays assignment . i felt like shooot la teacher . we hadnt finished our final exam yet, but teachers already started to give us homeworks . holidays for enjoyment and excitement not doing the damn freaking stuffs . i was inserting chocolates into the goodies bags yesterday . tuptup faridzul online . we on our webcam & i was holding camera, capturing my sista picts . then he asked me to snap his pictures . tamalu ka? hahah . whatever .

Friday, November 20

last day at mrsmt 2009

picture of 411/2009 . we're going to be 511/2010 . thanks classmates, i really enjoyed my time with you guys this year . i hope we will always unite and cooperate in every single thing we do for the class .
with 511/2009 . bacaan yasin bersama senior .
i was veryveryvery excited to come back home but in the same time , very sadd . last day i met him , i watched him without he realize my existence . he was soo cute . i wish i get the strength to talk to him earlier but i didnt . what a loss . btw, good luck for spm :) luckily i got his phone number and he seems wanna be my friend too . thanks