Monday, October 19

a piece of thank you

it's great to be at home again after a long time being caged at the hostel. as usual,i came back by bus. reached home,i played with the kids and damia. what happened to my house? my dad renovated our house and it looks really really great. with traditional touch in the garden, my dad really knows what he is doing. my mom grew a little strawberry plant there, the strawberries are sweet. not enough with suprises, i went into my room. omg! it was painted green with a wavy shape on it. i lovee it. thanks mom,dad! at night, along gave me a huge almond chocolate cadbury as my bday present and i'm eating it right now. thanks dear! next morning, i sent my lappy to be repaired. when i got it back, uncle johny installed adobe photoshop cs3 for me. thanks uncle! then i log in to myspace, friendster, facebook, tagged, and last but not least yahoo messenger, i got many birthday wishes. thanks friends! or should i say strangers? sorry, not being rude. it is just true. this year, apai is the first person to wish my birthday. thanks apai!ily[haha] after about 2 minutes, my sis turn. thanks sis! and followed by my besties, liyana, farah, wanie & bahiyah. thanks girlfriends! i never thought that my classmates would remember my birthday. fatin liyana is the first one who wished my birthday. thanks fatin! early in the morning in class, my classmates sang a happy birthday song for me. thanks classmates! my big bro reload my maxis number as my birthday present. thanks bro! and my little bro sang a birthday song for me. thanks nabil! i got free calls for a whole day from maxis that ables me phoned everyone. thanks hotlink! and not much different celcom gave me, thanks celcom! and lastly thanks to a piece of cadbury chocolate, a mug of full cream dutch lady milk, green day singing the song 21 guns, streamyx wireless line and my lovely blue lappy for accompanying me writing this crap. and finally, thanks a lot to him for giving me false hopes. i have waited for him since that night but he let me down, thanks honey. for everything u did. i appreciate them. i can never repay them, sorry. now i know the truth. thankyou! i just realised that i have to be grateful and appreciate lots of things in my life. thank god for giving me this life.

Sunday, October 4

3rd of October 2009

started with a nice day, end with a wonderful night. today was such a great day. the best experiences i've ever had here [mrsm taiping]. in the evening, i went out with my happy-go-lucky cubemate Naqie, sporting Huda, and cutey Naddy. spending time with them was part of best moments. naqie n me bought the same shirt written 'couple top of the pop'. well, actually it is my gift for her as her b'day was on 28th of sept. night. my classmates made a bbq class party. it was the best party i've ever attended. trust me! everything went so right. it was such a bizarre but it really happened. we played games, one of it is 'if u love me then smile for me' game. it was fun. then we had 'grammy' awards for everyone in the class. i was marked as miss otai. haha. i'm not suprise at all nor angry. seriously, i'm a quite naughty girl in my class. i'm not a bad girl,i just do bad things. muahaha.everyone seems to enjoy the party like there's nothing can separate us apart. UNITE- that's the exact word to describe us tonight. i was and am very happy as my classmates could work in a group together without any mistake. maybe we made a lil but it didn't ruin anything. glad for that. my SI [ source of inspirations ] made me happy too today. not-going-to-tell-about-it as i think they're going to read this blog
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