Friday, September 25


hey it's me, apple =) this isnt my new blog. i've deleted all the old lame entries. i've started to think about it since ady said i looked weak when i wrote about *** blablabla. thanks to ady for telling me that. i've changed now & i hope it is a better transform.this is not transformers movie okay ;p i'm a new girl with a new hope. no no . with new hopes. i have wished soo much,even i cannot make a list of my wish. i wanna be a good girl -a-really-good- girl , an obidient daughter [like i can do it,haha] , the besttt friend you can get from the entire of the world , yet a lovely wife and mother [10 years later] and the worst enemy if i have one [muahaha]. okay. let me start my blog with bismillahirahmanirahim . my full name is SITI NABILAHUDA bt mohd nadzeri . people call me nabila, nab, ila, bell, emo [lol], black&white,my nephew call me ilang [maybe it is a combination of ila and mak lang,oh common he's the same age as me,i wouldnt let he call me mak] and many names more that they've created for me. but u can call me apple for short. i used to be called with that name since i was 14 i guess. as of 9/25/2009 12:51:51 AM EDT,i am 503,974,311 seconds old.that's what i get from . i'm turning sweet sixteen on 6th of october. it is on next week lol. i want my gift,please ! hehe. most of my friends said 16 is the best age you ever had,is it true? i'll figure it out. i am muslimah but not like the ustazah one. i admit i'm not kinda religious girl but i still obey the rules. living at alor star kedah malaysia,maybe my life is quite bored here coz i've been staying here since i was born. but its okay,here is my hometown. i love it even i'm not. what-the-heck. okayokay. i lovee it [honestly]. who doesnt love his hometown lol?currently schooling at mrsm taiping . i hate school. everyone does. i am indie lover [peminat indie tegar bak kata fie]. addicted to doublemint or any chewing gums. love black and white. i have a number of black&white collections. bangles, shoes, sneakers, shirts, mp3, bags. even my closet is full of black&white. i am not single but always available till i get married. i am friendly, talkative, and helpful [haha] to people that i know. unfortunately to people i dont, i'm quite snobbish and jerky. blame me for that. my classmates say i have two characteristics. i thought i have more. i am very pessimist and uncontrol. u cant read me. if u can u're a psycho,freak! whatever it is. i am me. nothing more nothing less. if u cant deal with that, then i dont want to talk to you. enough about me. if want to know more,ask me dude. thanks for spending your time reading this crap. iloveyou.