Saturday, September 15

Whisper to me

How do I ask her to come back to meAfter I told her goodbyeHow do I love her so desperatelyAnd for so long I pushed her for sideHow do I walk back into her lifeWhen I'm the one who walked out on herHow do I ask her, to see me againI told her that I wasn't sure, We could be friends 
God can you whisper, in her earAnywhere on the way to her carBefore the wind blows her too farAway from my heartCan you whisper in her earAnytime while she laying on her bedCan you tell her everything that I've saidEverthing that I've SaaaidOh OuHummmm
How do i try and explain everythingNothing I said seems to fitOhhh NooHow do I get her to pick up the phoneBaby how did we ever get like thisTell me what kind of man, lets love slips awayAnd leave such a good thing behindHold in my hand pressed(lalala)Praying to find, a way to fill in this hole I have inside
God can you whisper, in her earAnywhere on the way to her carBefore the wind blows her too farAway from my heartCan you whisper in her earAnytime while she's laying on her bedCan you tell her everthing that I've saidEverything that I've SaaaidYeeeeahh
OOhOuuuuuuuu, Can you whisperOOOOOuuu, How can you talk to herCan you talk to her, Ooowouu Yeeah, Can yoouUuU,WhispeeeeeerCan you, Whispeeer, OuowuOWow Hmmmm

p/s:I'm helpless when 
I'm with you. S


Sandra Azwan said...

salam Nabila....Thank you so much!;-)

Nabila Nadzeri said...

wslm. U're welcome :)