Tuesday, October 4

selfless creature

hello creatures. it has been awhile since I last updated my blog. lots had happen. frankly say, I was happier before. I didn't show it by that time. only now, lately, I've been thinking about how lucky I was to have them by my side and be my friends. I miss them, really. I wanted to cry but I can't cuz I've promised no to cry again, since the day he left. I've jeopardized my own self-satisfaction for my friends recently. you see, how selfless I am by now. they see I'm happy, each day, each time, each second, but they don't know what's inside. they'll never figure it out anyway. I'm living half alive and I'll continue it that way until I find my moment. anyway, that's the greatest immolation I can do for them by now. I'm not sure how's everything going to be tomorrow and the days after. maybe for most people around here, it's great. but if i have to be very selfless of me again, I'm not happy with it and only God knows what's going to be on me. I would not change, I would evolve for the sake of my own satisfaction. that's it for now. wish me luck on the becoming days. and by the way I'll turn 18 soon. though I'm supposed to be happy, genuinely I'm not.

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