Monday, October 17

age is just a number

hello people. I am now eighteen years old, officially, no doubt. eighteen's birthday wasn't really enjoyable. plus i didn't celebrate it though. my friends forgot about it but no offense, everyone was busy. yeah, busy as hell. this year, I've gotten the best present ever. My boyfie, which is now my ex was the first person that wished my birthday but yet, he made me upset. After an hour, we broke up, again, and gratefully it was the last time. I haven't contacted him since then. Second is my future best friend, i guess, Aliff Abdullah. Thankyousomuch Aliff for remembering me. Wish to meet you too. Third is my sister, thanks a lot. Love ya. And the person that never forgets me, my besties, NurLiyana a.k.a Kak Long. Thanks honey. Really miss you btw  >,<  Then, the next morning, my parents called to wish my birthday, my little brother Nabil, followed by friends.. and so on..

Enough about birthdays, lets not talk about being old. Cadets started wearing their new white uniform since last week. I want to upload the photos but grieve, I can't cause the Puncak Langit wifi isn't working nicely. Bloody. And duh, my baby broadband is still with my sister. That explains why I rarely online and update my blog recently. I miss the INTERNET bytheway.

Lets finish this here cause I have tonnes of works to do. Got LA tomorrow (Lecturer's Assessment). Daa!

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