Friday, August 19


it costed me a long time to heal my grief
up to now i still remember him in every single thing i do
the place we'd been together, the last moment we shared together,
and everything that have us in it
 i am okay
but i can't keep myself from thinking about him

ps: gerizon means healing or recuperation 

Wednesday, August 17


I hate you, all of you.

Saturday, August 13


it may take some time, till then, I'm not okay.

Friday, August 12

Hello Sunshine

A morning wish from him has made my day :) 
For a moment just now, I felt like my feet weren't on the ground.

Though it was the last morning wish, it'll be just enough to light up my next mornings
It will be hard for me to say GoodBye
cause I adore him so much.

Thursday, August 11

why is a ship called she?

I've been wondering why for quite sometime, only then I remember to Google the answer.

Monday, August 8


And I've been ill for weeks, from the first day of fasting. 
I've met doctor last week and got like 7 types of medicine. 
Some of my medicine are almost finish, yet I'm still not fully-recovered. 
I was shocked to find out that I actually was suffering gastric pain instead of stomach cramps.
 Praise to God, after taking antibiotics and vapid liquid medicine,
 now I don't suffer that pain anymore.
 Life's here in ALAM is pretty bland but at least better than the induction week. 
Maybe because I don't mix up with all like before. 
Life is interesting when we want it to be, but right now, I don't want to.
I'll stay as who I am.

Sunday, August 7

how can they be malaysian?

‎Follow this steps then you'll know what I mean :-

1. Go to Google Translate
2. Select translate from English to Malay
3. Type this following:

Do not snatch philippines money
the people of bangladesh are angry
pakistani people hate national row

Weird huh? Does it mean that they are now included as Malaysian? Oh nO!

Monday, August 1

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Alhamdulillah Ramadhan datang lagi. Bulan pengampunan dan bulan menyucikan diri. Semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa keberkatan dan lebih baik dari sebelumnya. Tahun ni lain sikit sebab 1st Ramadhan tak bersama dengan keluarga. Malam semalam & malam ni pun tak pergi tarawih sebab tak tahu boleh pergi masjid luar tuu. Ruginya.. Ni lah first time berpuasa di ALAM. Suasananya biasa, tak semeriah kat rumah (of course la kan). Sahur pagi tadi makan kurma dan minum air ribena ja sebab malas nak turun. 

Hari ni asyik 
takla sampai sepanjang hari tapi lama la jugak.

Insya-Allah tahun ni takda macam ni kot

Apa2 pun Selamat Menjalani Ibadah Puasa!
Ahlan waSahlan Ya Ramadhan