Monday, June 13


It has been quite awhile since I last talk about my heart with the exemption about loving family. I'm talking about loving the 3rd person in my life after family and friends. After all,,,

Maybe I made him waited too long, I suppose. But I'm okay with that.
 I wasn't hurt, NOT AT ALL.
 Well you know, people get bored waiting too long for something which is not confirmed. In fact I've rejected him each time he talks about it. So... lets say this is what I deserved. And I guess I'm gonna stop my feeling before  it gets any further. 
There is no good to think about LOVE when we don't even know what it means actually, yet. 
Anyway I am thankful to God that as far as I am now, 
love doesn't affect me as much as music does
I am pretty proud with myself for that.

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