Wednesday, June 8

blithesome hols

Went back home last Thursday. Arrived at home at 6.00 AM, after an 8-hour long journey by bus from Melaka Central. It was tiring but contented and worthwhile. I even made a few new friends who took the same bus :)

After Subuh prayer and a fresh bath, I went to Spg. Kuala market with my parents. Bought a lot of kuih as I haven't eaten them for like ages! and of course Roti Canai too. My parents fed me so much with all my favourite food during the hols. I believed I have gained weight since I ate too much. My little brother Nabil started to join the swimming class on that day. How lucky he is.

After 2 days at home, my father brought us for a short vacation as I have to report on Monday actually, but I skipped a whole day class because I want to spend extra time with family. We went to Port Dickson and had a wonderful time there. Love the moment we were swimming in the beach. Still, I was disappointed by the dirtiness of the beach. -_-" After all, thanks mom, dad, and not to forget my siblings :)

Najwa, Nabila & Nabil
the person I miss the most
meet Rayyan, my nephew

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