Wednesday, April 27

Like Crazy

This is it, and I don't lie.

Tuesday, April 26

MARA sponsor

I've been studying about 2 months in ALAM or Akademi Laut Malaysia. Glad to be here, I guess and hope so. Life's here is quite okay, just like staying in MRSM so I can bear with it. On my first day here, I was the only girl,others are like 14 boys in my class but fortunately they treated me just like others. But sometimes I do feel goaded by their behaviours. The three English lecturer treat me well especially Mdm Siti. I stayed with the girls of DNS13, they have been very nice to me. After a week, Anis came. She is now my classmate and roommate. Here are some photos I've got since I entered here, not some just TWO photos.

Shah Mustaqiman, Ihya and me

Anis a.k.a kechik
Oh yeah, by the way, MARA sponsors me.