Friday, February 11

rebel has no good on you

on your rebellious day, you feel like rebelling at your highest point
you realized you just woke up from a less-than-4-hour sleep reluctantly
you were awakened by somebody even you refused to at first
feel like your head was smacked by the hardest stone
one shouted at you when you're in the bath room having morning wash ups
you were told to get ready for an occasion you weren't ready for
the others don't have to do what you ought to do
thinking that wasn't fair enough for you and everyone
started shouting at them loudly, disenthral dissatisfaction
you have no idea the truth the want for you,
the best they want for you, only the best
they left you all by yourself, resentfully
and you started to think what you did, regretted for your sayings
cried alone, sobbing and yes your mascara runs
but you can't bring them back cause you hurt them, badly, deeply
will they come back for you?
you broke their hearts into pieces, certainly scars will be there, forever
your tears can't glue their shattered hearts neither bring back their expectancy on you
and all I wish that it had never happened
and all I wanna say is "I'm sorry"

and who do I think I am?
Fool. Shame on you