Sunday, February 13

its the BIG field

Since few weeks ago my dad has to commute all the way to Felda Rimba Mas, situated at Padang Besar. Today the whole family went there. After a visit to the mosque, we dropped by at Mak Lang Jat's house and then traveled to the Padang Besar the place where we can buy most thing at its almost cheapest price.

view from the top floor

there's a lot blouses with fetching designs here
My eyes caught a lovely turquoise checkered apparel. It is lovely, gorgeous, and what is more, is it is my style. Unfortunately my mom and sis weren't agree if I tend to buy that cloth, so I didn't. -_-" But if I see it one more time, I will definitely cash out my money for it.

my mom was picking up clothes at her favourite shop
She ended up buying 5 aladin pants, not included 5 more she'd bought last week. By all odds, not all of them are hers. And 3 blouses but she gave one to my sister.

the very cute little gowns for the 'littles'
Mak Lang Ida eventually spent to buy 5 or 6 of these clothes for her little eldest granchild, Damia Batrisyia.

my favourite stall
After the tedious walk around the mall without buying any single thing, me only >,< we had a splendid lunchtime at a small eatery there.

Tomyam Putih
Just look at the yummy prawns in the bowl. It is veryy delicious but be careful, it's hot too! I mean, HOT. 

ABC - Air Batu Campur
To cool down our tongue after the spicy Tomyam, we should have this ABC as drinks.

My not very little but cheeky brother, Nabil was enjoying his ABC
Me wearing my brother's so called hat. I told you, I didn't buy anything. Gugu >,<

Me, again. This is one of my MukaMintakPenyepak's faces