Sunday, January 30

superb hectic but triumphal day

After about 5 days, I finally got the mood to write about the ALAM Interview I attended on 25th of January 2011. 
I'll write it simple but scrupulously. Here it goes :

4.30 a.m  : Reached Jalan Duta bus station
5.30 a.m  : Had the most outset breakfast I've ever had
6.10 a.m  : Morning wash up and Subuh prayer at Masjid around there
7.00 a.m  : Hang out in front of PWTC
7.30 a.m  : Reached Hotel Seri Pacific 
8.00 a.m  : Registration 
                 Height and weight were taken to verify BMI = 20.5
                 Color blind test
9.00 a.m  : Briefing on the Maritime career and sponsorship opportunities
10.30 a.m: Written entrance test (English, Mathematics and Physics) 
                 the test was arduous
12.30p.m: Had lunch at Kenny Rogers with Elynn, her brother and cousin
1.30 p.m : Announcement of Written Entrance Test results 
                 my name was the last name that has been called
2.30 p.m : Went up to the waiting room
3.30 p.m : Psychometric Test 
4.00 p.m : Interview Assessment 
                 interviewed by Captain Manuel and another gentleman from MISC
5.15 p.m : RESULT was given by Dato' Anuar
6.00 p.m : Evening walk around The Mall
7.00 p.m : Arrived Damansara, played with Damia Batrisyia, bathe
8.30 p.m : Strolled around One Utama
10.00p.m: Dined at the Banana Leaves Restaurant
11.45p.m: Took the bus straight to Alor Star

Oh, about the result, I got a letter of Conditional Offer for the Cadetship Program at 
Akademi Laut Malaysia (ALAM)

Alhamdulillah, after all the laborious effort and much money spent, they accepted me for the 
above program on conditional basis subject to my actual SPM result meeting the program
entry requirement.
All I have to do now is wait for 14th of March 2011, the future determination date. 

Congrats to them too!
Elynn, Syafiqah, Syazwan Arif, Syikin, Afifah and others.
I guess Aliff also had made it through, well I hope so 

Dream of a Better Future