Thursday, January 20

strawberry ice cream [home made]

1/2 cup of coffee mate
1/4 cup refined sugar
200 ml fresh milk
1/2 cheese cake
4 strawberry
1 spoon of strawberry paste

1. Blend all of the ingredients.
2. Pour the mixture into a container.
3. Keep it in the freezer at leat for 8 hours.

Now, It's ready to be served!

#you may sprinkle hundreds and thousands or maybe chocolate chip on you ice cream

very easy,isn't it?and it worth, the feeling of tasting your very own
yummy strawberry ice cream!


E.d.Y said...

boleh buat sendiri ke?

Nabila Nadzeri said...

of coz
sy dah buat banyak kali

E.d.Y said...

nak jugak..xreti buat..buatkan..hehe..:p

Nabila Nadzeri said...

haha. dtg la rumah :p

Ina said...

oo...edy...ko ngorat si Nabila 'eeeee....he.he...gurau je ek...aiskrim tu letak cheesecake 'ek...mesti sedap gilosss......ngeeee..

Nabila Nadzeri said...

just kidding la :)
yup2, cheese cake buat rase die lagi ummph :)