Saturday, December 18

hatyai mali

we went to hatyai on tuesday
here's some pictures there :

  a cup of teh tarik which worth 27baht
mahal gila

songkhla beach
belakang tu ada patung duyung tak pakai baju 

little of art
stranded seashells

jersi adidas size M
bought at market in hatyai

girly bag
my mom bought this one for me

oh, tak lupa! i chose a black babymilo shorts tapi my dad yg bayar.. ngeh2~
and cute pijama with bunny faces on it

the trip was enjoyable but i was hoping it is more than just 2days 1night in hatyai
indeed, i want to go to somewhere where i can swim and spend a whole evening just enjoying myself in water
for example, krabi, pulau tioman, pangkor, and so on...
wish i can go to Pulau Sipadan someday


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Anonymous said...

cyan ko tade spe cmnt btw ak pon de hajat na g PULAU SIPADAN wey