Tuesday, August 3

doughnuts and movies

I went outing with my BITARA's Friends to celebrate our success in making the BITARA mag.
we had lunch at Kenny Rogers Roaster
. A set of chicken whatever the name is was more than enough to fill up my tummy.
the meal is quite okay but not my favourite choice
nevertheless, i had precious last time with them.

finish eating, afiq and epul invited me and taeshow to watch movie with them.
at first, i didn't really want to go cause the earliest movie start at 4.30 pm 
so we must finish after 6.30, that is after the outing time ended
i told afiq if he willing to pay for my ticket then i'll go with them
surprisingly he agreed! so i have to follow them
besides, it has been awhile since the last time i watch movie
we watched the sorcerer's apprentice
the movie was very interesting! and full of magical and physics too!
after the movie, we went to nash bakery
i bought the two donuts -tiramisu and butter&choc-
then we rushed to the taxi place at tesco
finally we reached maktab at 6.50pm
i'm glad that we're passed from wardens 

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