Tuesday, August 3

Activity Week!

i had so much fun since the first day of activity week
we had human-chess by PPSP. I didn't move even one step. Haha
my class was the first class that lose! 
then, the boys invited us,girls to join them in playing tuju kasut
never thought they would be so nice to us -_-"
we used hisyami's sandals to play so he had to play with his bare foot
we played and had so much fun!
as expected, the girls lose and the boys won [15-5]
then movie screening at Dewan Seri Larut by BWPs. The movie was Toy Story 3
i didn't watch it until the end cause my dad and mom came to maktab
the brought my needs and my certificates
at night, we had to watch Bahas [502 vs 515] 515 won!

it was a great time i spent with my classmates, they showed that they love us  =)

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