Sunday, October 4

3rd of October 2009

started with a nice day, end with a wonderful night. today was such a great day. the best experiences i've ever had here [mrsm taiping]. in the evening, i went out with my happy-go-lucky cubemate Naqie, sporting Huda, and cutey Naddy. spending time with them was part of best moments. naqie n me bought the same shirt written 'couple top of the pop'. well, actually it is my gift for her as her b'day was on 28th of sept. night. my classmates made a bbq class party. it was the best party i've ever attended. trust me! everything went so right. it was such a bizarre but it really happened. we played games, one of it is 'if u love me then smile for me' game. it was fun. then we had 'grammy' awards for everyone in the class. i was marked as miss otai. haha. i'm not suprise at all nor angry. seriously, i'm a quite naughty girl in my class. i'm not a bad girl,i just do bad things. muahaha.everyone seems to enjoy the party like there's nothing can separate us apart. UNITE- that's the exact word to describe us tonight. i was and am very happy as my classmates could work in a group together without any mistake. maybe we made a lil but it didn't ruin anything. glad for that. my SI [ source of inspirations ] made me happy too today. not-going-to-tell-about-it as i think they're going to read this blog
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