Thursday, December 31

kisah 2009

sedar tak sedar, tahun 2009 dah nak berakhir. banyak  benda dah jadi and banyak juga yg aku belajar tahun ni. mungkin tahun ni tahun pemberontakan aku kot. almaklumlah umur dah 16. waktu2 macam ni la nak mengganas pn kan? well actually, tak puas lagi jadi budak 16 tahun. banyak lagi benda nak buat tapi tak kesampaian. but its okay, 17 pon okay what?! haha. mulalah nak merancang benda2 pelik nih. azam untuk 2010 ada banyaakkkkk sangattttt smpai tak tertaip. nanti la tulis lain. nak kena wat list dulu. hmm, tahun ni aku jadi jahattt sangat. korang takkan dapat bayang apa yg aku dah buat. macam-macam.

-i want to change myself - i need to - i have to- 

~love story~
kalau sblm 2009 aku tak-penah-ada-bf , tapi tahun ni berbeza. 2009 berakhir dengan 3 ex-boyfies . starting bulan july. terukkan aku? boyfies aku lagi teruk kott??haha. well, at least aku ada experience. tak kesah la korang nak cakap apa pn. aku mmg cepat bosan. usually, i get bored after one or two weeks couple. depends on how they treat me. first boyfie, nazreen shah - he's now (boleh dikatakan) my best friend. selalu chat. and if i had probs pn, i can tell him. and yang paling best, i dont have to act like a gadis ayu lagi depan dia. i can show my true colour. no offence. 2nd boyfie, ahmad syahmi. actually i fall for him when he called and sang a song for me -while playing his guitar- do you know how much i lovee guitar? i thought he's the perfect guy for me. but after a few months, i started to think how much longer we both can survive ? he is soo sweet - no doubt- i dont know why i asked for break up. at 1st, dia pujuk but then keesokan harinya he's the one yg nak clash pulak. huh. i felt like i was used. whatever. then camna tah bleh couple balik and clash after two days. bila dah single, start la nak flirt dgn org lain kan? i've met macam2 jenis boy.skandal? tak terkira kot. penah skali tuh, sampai 5 org skaligus. lantak lah. crita lama. and the lastttt one, my new boyfie aka the third one -ahmad nabil- he is the perfect guy yg aku nak kn sblm nih.our relationship currently not really good. having some probs. seriously, aku tak tawu apa status kitorang. tadi dia send msg but aku xda krdit nk rply. nnti la after reload bru aku rply. and hell yess, i do love him damn much. just wait and see, am i gonna celebrate new year as single or taken.

nothing much i wanna tell you guys about my family. but drastically, my brother, najmi has proven to my dad that he can do works and sooner or later, going to take over my dad's company that is MNG Electrical. mommy is doing okay but she kept sakit2 badan, lenguh2, maybe sebab byk buat kerja. anak2nya kan malas especially me. huhu. my dad pulak okay je dengan his new garden. wahh, garden dkt rumah ni dah byk brubah oke. hasil kerja my dad and his brilliant idea. he loves gardening. my sister ? asyik dgn aliff mikael diaa jaa. p mana2 pn dgn aliff. oopss, aliff bukan bf dia ok. i mean, her new dslr camera. sony alpha 300 kot. and her friends pangil dia alpharian. my little brother-nabil- is getting naughtier day by day. susah betul nak advice dia. hishh budak nihh. that's all about my family for this year.

awal2 tahun, i was an asmarian - a proudly one -  i hate the school, at first je. but after kluar, i miss it damn muchh! especially me besties, liyana-farah-bahiyah-wani-ida and semua lahh. currently studying at mjsc taiping aka maresmart. i hatteee it. normal la kan. sapa yg suka sekolah? if anyone does, i shall say he is a geek. jeez. pointer awal tahun, 3.21 sama dgn abdul wafiy. 2nd sem, dpt 3.40 sma dgn nabil fikri @ sexy beast. hmm.. malas la nak study. homework tak siap tapi dok update blog. apa nak jadi. next year, spm. pray for me k? i'll try my best utk dapatkn result cmrlang.

last but not least,
dah taktaw nak tulis apa actually. haha.
maybe lepas nih dah tak slalu update blog kot. yala,dah nama pn bdk mrsm. stay hostel laah, apa lagi.

let's start a new year as a new life. past is past.
mcm org kata : yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery but today is a gift, that's why it is called present.
apa kena mengena?haha

Live with no excuses and love with no regrets

Tuesday, December 29


my besties is my priority. be one, and i'll make sure that you'll never regret

as usual, bila ada free time, asyik nak hang out ngn besties je kan? pic sebelah ni diambil masa tgh main bowling kat kedah bowl. wahh, suka sangattt maen bowling ngn diorang. seriously, everytime main ngn diorang, my score akan increase. tak taw la dari mana dtgnya spirit tuh. selalunya kalau main, setakat dapat 50+ 60+ or 70+ but bila main dengan diorang, mesti dapat around 100+ . yes i admit, i bukan pemain bowling yang bagus. maybe sebab diorang bagi semangat kot and especially amer, boyfie liyana terror gila main. rasa tercabar pun ada. haha. btw, masa tgh main tadi sempat juga berkenalan dengan seorang buaya. buaya2 memang comel kan? tergugat iman. sempat juga dating dgn si dia. its weird bila terima pelawaan dia untuk jalan berdua. apa dah jadi ni? dgn boyfie sblm ni pun malu nak jalan, dgn sang buaya comel ni pulak senang jaa. dia ajak pegi kedai perfume mak dia but i refuse. gilalahh, tak berani aku. haha. lepak kat food court, dia nak ambik gambar. snap-delete-snap-delete . last2 ada jugak satu pic okay. janggal gila rasa. bila nak bluetooth, dia send pic dia sorang. bongekbetullah. nak pic yang berdua tuhh. haihh. send message tapi tak reply. masa nak balik, amer bilang : jaga-jaga sikit, aku penah bertumbuk dgn dia. thankyou amer. dah taw dah dia bukan orang baekk. dia sendiri cerita. don't worry lah. tak jatuh hati pun even when he winkling his eyes masa mintak couple. dasar betul. tapi boleh tahan comel.rasa bersalahh sangat kat bahiyah n farah sebab waktu tu jugak lah diorang balik. tak sempat nak jumpa. hishh. buaya punya pasal la nih. syed pulak asyik gelak bila taw aku jalan ngn cousin dia. kak long menunjukkan riak tak puas hati semacam risaukan aku. ida happy memanjannggg. helmi dan azim entah ke mana. kawan syed dan fikah diam membisu. hari ni best sangat. main bowling dua games,teman kawan2 karaoke and sempat juga dating dgn buaya. thankyou friends, and to you too pak din. lainkali dating lagi ya?haha.

Monday, December 28


I'm sitting here at this computer but I don't know what to do. Not because of lack of creativity. No, I have a great imagination. It's just because I have so many different emotions running through me, I don't know where to start. I'm surrounded by people but I feel as if I'm standing alone in the pouring rain. I don't want to get wet, but it kinda feels good. I'm lonely because I push people away before they get too close to me, though I still have many friends. But no one's texting me right now. So what do I write when all I feel like doing is smashing the keyboard into the moniter? I'm drowning in the rain.

Saturday, November 21

happy holidays

holidays~ idk what to do on this hols . homeworks are tooo much to be done . whattheheck . before we end our last paper that is pjk . teachers made announcements to call all class president to take our holidays assignment . i felt like shooot la teacher . we hadnt finished our final exam yet, but teachers already started to give us homeworks . holidays for enjoyment and excitement not doing the damn freaking stuffs . i was inserting chocolates into the goodies bags yesterday . tuptup faridzul online . we on our webcam & i was holding camera, capturing my sista picts . then he asked me to snap his pictures . tamalu ka? hahah . whatever .

Friday, November 20

last day at mrsmt 2009

picture of 411/2009 . we're going to be 511/2010 . thanks classmates, i really enjoyed my time with you guys this year . i hope we will always unite and cooperate in every single thing we do for the class .
with 511/2009 . bacaan yasin bersama senior .
i was veryveryvery excited to come back home but in the same time , very sadd . last day i met him , i watched him without he realize my existence . he was soo cute . i wish i get the strength to talk to him earlier but i didnt . what a loss . btw, good luck for spm :) luckily i got his phone number and he seems wanna be my friend too . thanks

Monday, October 19

a piece of thank you

it's great to be at home again after a long time being caged at the hostel. as usual,i came back by bus. reached home,i played with the kids and damia. what happened to my house? my dad renovated our house and it looks really really great. with traditional touch in the garden, my dad really knows what he is doing. my mom grew a little strawberry plant there, the strawberries are sweet. not enough with suprises, i went into my room. omg! it was painted green with a wavy shape on it. i lovee it. thanks mom,dad! at night, along gave me a huge almond chocolate cadbury as my bday present and i'm eating it right now. thanks dear! next morning, i sent my lappy to be repaired. when i got it back, uncle johny installed adobe photoshop cs3 for me. thanks uncle! then i log in to myspace, friendster, facebook, tagged, and last but not least yahoo messenger, i got many birthday wishes. thanks friends! or should i say strangers? sorry, not being rude. it is just true. this year, apai is the first person to wish my birthday. thanks apai!ily[haha] after about 2 minutes, my sis turn. thanks sis! and followed by my besties, liyana, farah, wanie & bahiyah. thanks girlfriends! i never thought that my classmates would remember my birthday. fatin liyana is the first one who wished my birthday. thanks fatin! early in the morning in class, my classmates sang a happy birthday song for me. thanks classmates! my big bro reload my maxis number as my birthday present. thanks bro! and my little bro sang a birthday song for me. thanks nabil! i got free calls for a whole day from maxis that ables me phoned everyone. thanks hotlink! and not much different celcom gave me, thanks celcom! and lastly thanks to a piece of cadbury chocolate, a mug of full cream dutch lady milk, green day singing the song 21 guns, streamyx wireless line and my lovely blue lappy for accompanying me writing this crap. and finally, thanks a lot to him for giving me false hopes. i have waited for him since that night but he let me down, thanks honey. for everything u did. i appreciate them. i can never repay them, sorry. now i know the truth. thankyou! i just realised that i have to be grateful and appreciate lots of things in my life. thank god for giving me this life.

Sunday, October 4

3rd of October 2009

started with a nice day, end with a wonderful night. today was such a great day. the best experiences i've ever had here [mrsm taiping]. in the evening, i went out with my happy-go-lucky cubemate Naqie, sporting Huda, and cutey Naddy. spending time with them was part of best moments. naqie n me bought the same shirt written 'couple top of the pop'. well, actually it is my gift for her as her b'day was on 28th of sept. night. my classmates made a bbq class party. it was the best party i've ever attended. trust me! everything went so right. it was such a bizarre but it really happened. we played games, one of it is 'if u love me then smile for me' game. it was fun. then we had 'grammy' awards for everyone in the class. i was marked as miss otai. haha. i'm not suprise at all nor angry. seriously, i'm a quite naughty girl in my class. i'm not a bad girl,i just do bad things. muahaha.everyone seems to enjoy the party like there's nothing can separate us apart. UNITE- that's the exact word to describe us tonight. i was and am very happy as my classmates could work in a group together without any mistake. maybe we made a lil but it didn't ruin anything. glad for that. my SI [ source of inspirations ] made me happy too today. not-going-to-tell-about-it as i think they're going to read this blog
to eleveners> iloveyouguys

Friday, September 25


hey it's me, apple =) this isnt my new blog. i've deleted all the old lame entries. i've started to think about it since ady said i looked weak when i wrote about *** blablabla. thanks to ady for telling me that. i've changed now & i hope it is a better transform.this is not transformers movie okay ;p i'm a new girl with a new hope. no no . with new hopes. i have wished soo much,even i cannot make a list of my wish. i wanna be a good girl -a-really-good- girl , an obidient daughter [like i can do it,haha] , the besttt friend you can get from the entire of the world , yet a lovely wife and mother [10 years later] and the worst enemy if i have one [muahaha]. okay. let me start my blog with bismillahirahmanirahim . my full name is SITI NABILAHUDA bt mohd nadzeri . people call me nabila, nab, ila, bell, emo [lol], black&white,my nephew call me ilang [maybe it is a combination of ila and mak lang,oh common he's the same age as me,i wouldnt let he call me mak] and many names more that they've created for me. but u can call me apple for short. i used to be called with that name since i was 14 i guess. as of 9/25/2009 12:51:51 AM EDT,i am 503,974,311 seconds old.that's what i get from . i'm turning sweet sixteen on 6th of october. it is on next week lol. i want my gift,please ! hehe. most of my friends said 16 is the best age you ever had,is it true? i'll figure it out. i am muslimah but not like the ustazah one. i admit i'm not kinda religious girl but i still obey the rules. living at alor star kedah malaysia,maybe my life is quite bored here coz i've been staying here since i was born. but its okay,here is my hometown. i love it even i'm not. what-the-heck. okayokay. i lovee it [honestly]. who doesnt love his hometown lol?currently schooling at mrsm taiping . i hate school. everyone does. i am indie lover [peminat indie tegar bak kata fie]. addicted to doublemint or any chewing gums. love black and white. i have a number of black&white collections. bangles, shoes, sneakers, shirts, mp3, bags. even my closet is full of black&white. i am not single but always available till i get married. i am friendly, talkative, and helpful [haha] to people that i know. unfortunately to people i dont, i'm quite snobbish and jerky. blame me for that. my classmates say i have two characteristics. i thought i have more. i am very pessimist and uncontrol. u cant read me. if u can u're a psycho,freak! whatever it is. i am me. nothing more nothing less. if u cant deal with that, then i dont want to talk to you. enough about me. if want to know more,ask me dude. thanks for spending your time reading this crap. iloveyou.